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Accounting and Statistics Office


Responsible for all matters related to the budget, accounting and statistics of this university. Before the 1999 fiscal year, a public affairs budget system was in place. In the year 2000, the Ministry of Education implemented the National University and College Fund policy, which requires institutions of higher learning to obtain a certain proportion of their financial resources on their own. This policy not only allows for society’s resources to directly benefit education, but also reduces the financial burden on the government. Additional advantages include raising the efficiency and flexibility of use of resources and enhancing administrative performance.


Working Philosophy

Implement fully computerization for accounting procedures to improve administrative efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, fit in the need of academic departments and research projects based on “great enthusiasm, complete fairness, efficiency first and     absolute precision” philosophy and the spirit of the “ service”



(A) Keep promoting the implementation of computerized accounting system and financial procedures to improve management efficiency and effectiveness.

(B) Establish professional management system to enhance the performance of financial operations.

(C) Enhance the flexibility of the school fund’s financial operations to maintain the  long-term development of the fund.